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I’ve always had a dream of using my gifts to transform lives. Sure, I enjoy entertainment, writing, recording, and especially teaching.....but there’s something about interactive, transformative performance that enables me to not only entertain, but empower and inspire others. I love pulling the crowd into my inner musical. They get to enjoy ear candy, stay engaged visually, and have their souls fed through intentional music-infused moments all while feeling the joy and power of my band’s spirit. It’s where I glow. It’s me in my element. It’s my dream to give these experiences to the world at large, to go where I’m needed, to spark fires in hearts and minds of people, to soothe wounds of hurting and broken individuals, to do what I can in the restoration of hope in traumatized communities. I’m not just a performer. I’m a Pourformer - pouring out of my many jars to form a moving experience that’s easy to embrace and hard to forget. I hope I get to meet you in the crowd soon.


I’m AleshaNicole. 

Welcome to my world....

- AleshaNicole -

Musical -- AleshaNicole specializes in musical performance (voice/piano), music education, music and movement classes, recording, and songwriting. She has released two original albums (Smiling Through Tears in 2012 and Spread Love, Share Joy in 2014), and she recently completed her third album - In Spirit, In Truth that she dreams of releasing through a live recording event.

Educational --  With a B.A. in Spanish Language and Literature, 21 years of speaking Spanish, and a summer living in Alicante, Spain, AleshaNicole is fluent and truly loves the language. She has students that she tutors, and she teaches Spanish from the very basics to the advanced concepts of grammar, speaking, and listening skills. Alesha also enjoys teaching English to native Spanish speakers.  She also teaches private piano and voice lessons, customizing lessons to student's personality, interests, and learning style.

Spiritual & Motivational-- As a worship leader and a faithful believer, AleshaNicole brings her love of God and heart of service into everything that she does. She is very aware that everything in her life is connected and that she was made to fulfill a purpose. She has a B.A. in Women & Gender Studies as well as a passion for helping others heal and transform their lives. Her journey has given her a special affinity for working with girls, young women, and families.