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Awe & Wonder...

Saturday, I stood behind a sweet girl who sat at the piano bench, practicing playing her left hand part on a new song to the imaginary tick tock of a clock in her mind that helped her keep time (heh, see what I did there?). I looked around, enjoying the experience of sharing space with a child, so pure of heart, while she learned something I grew to love so much. It truly was music to my ears. I was heavy laden at the time, very overwhelmed with the trials God has me going through on my walk right now, the all too familiar feeling of labor that I'm facing in a different essence than before. Here I was, listening to her practice skills that I had long ago mastered, and I found myself thoroughly enjoying the basics all over again. I had just finished two back to back piano lessons with her older brothers, and I had equally taken delight in working with them on their piano goals for this year through ear training exercises and drills to work on dexterity and playing two different rhythms with both hands. These have always been moments that give me life, because even more than teaching, I love it when people learn.

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