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The Climb

September 24, 2018

Everything that I have indirectly or subconsciously said "No" to God and to life about -- either because of fear, adamant resistance, or stubbornness and unwillingness to go through it --- it has all happened. You know what it has all turned into?.....

A resounding "Yes, Father."

Cuz he brought me through every single "NO" so I could see yet again in a deeper way that I am not in control, circumstances are not in control, people are not in control, my emotions are not in control, but HE is in complete control, even when I do not surrender .....and it is not because He is a controlling God as some may misconceive. Uh uh..... It's because He loves me (and you) that much. He's put way too much in me to let me stay in the valley, wasting all of that Christ potential. He will not let me stay the same. 


So, I recognize that everything behind me in this valley has prepared for the climb that I am encountering in this very moment of my life. Sometimes you gotta get to a point of being tired of the mess before you can feel motivated enough to take the climbing gets you out of it. Sometimes, simply being told the solution isn't enough to inspire you to do it. Sometimes the valley has to be dark enough to call out your Light and require it to shine brighter than ever before. 


So, here I am, passing the hardest test I've ever taken, with all of the answers the Master Teacher gave me in advance during His lessons, and my fulfillment of my purpose depends on me applying all that He taught me this "semester." The hardest part of this test is being fluent in the language the test is written in so that I comprehend each multiple choice question and so I can write the essay correctly. This test is written in His language of Love. Unconditional. Unfailing. Neverending. Selfless. Sacrificial. 


The best part is that the Teacher dwells within me, and when I live out a correct answer, I know it's right because the Spirit sings "Yes" within me and applauds me. So, I can confidently say that for a little while now, I have been and I am acing this test. 




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