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Faithful: Tried & True

At this point, 5 months ago, I was in the hospital bed, in a lot of pain, swollen, with half an incision sutured shut and the other half wide open. I had just undergone 4 days of labor at home, a transfer to the hospital, an epidural, 6 more hours of labor, an unexpected C section, 3 days in the hospital to recover with a newborn who came from the special care unit, 5 days at home scooting across a bed, a rush to the ER because of a 103 fever and pus seeping from my incision, and an emergency re-opening of my incision while wide awake in an emergency room with a mild pain med....

My week old little boy was crying just 5 feet away from my hospital bed in a bassinet, with his hand still hurting from the IV that was attached for days, and I was still hooked up to an IV, receiving pain meds, antibiotics, and fluids. I lied in the bed, switching positions to try and relieve the weight and pressure, with a tailbone that I could not soothe and nurses coming in to take blood three times a day. Due to the many antibiotics, my milk didn't come in til much later than preferred, and when it did, I was catching up with our big boy's appetite.

5 months later, and my wound is entirely healed up and closed. I am easily picking up my son, nursing, healthy, and what was once a big gaping, tender, difficult reminder of what I had suffered is now a small bikini line scar that I only remember is there when there are periodic twinges or itches, and even those are subsiding. While I've discovered that all of this was preparation for what I am now enduring in the Spirit, it was a rehearsal in the sense that I overcame. I persevered. I made it, and I recovered!

This is my testimony that even I need for my present test. I have tried him before and He has tried me before, and He has not failed. He does not fail. He carried me then. He's carrying me now. HE IS FAITHFUL. HE IS BIGGER. HE KNOWS WHAT HE'S DOING. HE IS A MASTER TEACHER. (Yes, I"m yelling this at you and myself LOL)

"You can't make me doubt Him. I know too much about Him. Joy bells keep ringing in my soul." 💞🙌🏾

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