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Grieving the Warmer Greeting...

This morning I dropped off my 3-year-old at the daycare. I got to meet one of the teachers who was not there before when I used to teach music and movement at the site. She introduced herself with a big smile that was of course implied as beaming through her face mask but felt through her smiling eyes. She reached out her arm to me, and my 32 years of experience shaking hands set in involuntarily. As a mother wanting to show appreciation and to honor her for taking care of my precious cargo during such a difficult time, a nod or dab didn't seem to do it justice but I had to respect her space and make sure she felt comfortable (and not invaded) in that moment. Let's mix into that social stew the difficult balance beam act of professional protocol and sense of humanity for a social butterfly like me. Yikes! Welp…..Due to my fun loving nature, I responded in a light-hearted manner to her fist that was prepared to give me dabs. Let's face it….Awkward moments such as these have become part of our new normal.

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